One More Time!!!!!

One More Time

Lord, I can not believe I am back here again!!!!  But the fact that I am back here again means I am alive and well and can have a do over!!!

I am thankful for my health and my life and the ability to try again.

You have given me legs to move, a heart to beat and a mind to push past the hard parts.  Pushing past shows me how much more I am capable of. 

I am getting stronger each day.

I am feeling better and better in every way.

My energy is boundless, my breathing is easy, I feel strong and resilient.

I love healthy food, and I love a life of pleasure and joy and all parts in between.

I think healthy thoughts about food and its place and importance in a well balanced  whole life.

Fasting on a daily basis not only cleanses by body, it cleanses my mind.

I love this way of life and I am thankful that I can do it one more time and in fact can start again any day and anytime. And so it is.

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