Leaning and Learning with my heart!

Let me start by clarifying what is cited in this blog is not complaining but rather a declaration that the very fact that I have a list of things I am working on and that things are not as hunky-dory as I may wish— what blessings they are!!!  All these first world problems of my internet going in and out like it is Rosemary’s baby, and black wet walls all over the house signify that I am well and alive and have much to do.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 and I know that families all over the USA are thinking of how normal the day before felt. How they did not think when they kissed their loves goodby that it was truly a goodby. The world stood still while at the same time they sprang into action to care for those hurting, lost and dying. All arguments of politics, religion, sexual preferences  fell away and all that mattered was a fellow human was hurt.

I am hoping that whatever is going on in your life and in my life, we pause and we are thankful that all of our worries and all of our issues, mean that we are breathing and we have a life to live and problems to solve. Us humans are masters at solving problems and I am praying that we will become even better at being grateful for this day and for each other.

Something inside of me compelled me to move the kids rooms around. As I prepared to do this I was having a strict conversation with myself. “Self, have you lost your ever loving mind? “You know good and well that this is the worst time ever to think of remodeling and changing kids rooms and such.”  I was thinking as late as last night that perhaps I should wait for a more convenient time like when I am not building a new office and working on fundraisers and figuring out this new way of zoom, zoom zoom and mask or no mask.  The crazy in me won out and one more time I am so thankful that just like the athlete who was scared to jump over the high bar, I threw my heart over the bar and my body followed. 

Over the years I have learned to listen to that leaning and nudging from the heart of me. My mind is a great thing but the heart, it sees things that no one else can see.  The rational me was not in high gear but my heart was moving naturally on overdrive.

When I moved things around in the house and found black walls and wet walls, well that prompted investigation and yes that little problem became a bigger problem. But for now I am going to bed tonight knowing my loved ones are safe, we are healthy and we have a few problems to solve and that is okay by me.  It also means that I have a home and food to eat and friends to call. Sounds like a blessed life to me.

I pray for peace for all my brothers and sisters on the planet and tomorrow if God blesses me with another day, I will say a prayer for all those that are hurting. My little problems are so tiny and my blessings are mighty. You all are GRAND blessings to me and the gratitude in my heart can not be dampened by some black, wet walls. 

Loving you and Loving this life, 


Ps. Remember the time I was more upset about losing my lipstick than my purse? Well I think I was more embarrassed for the adjusters to see my messy house!!!!!!!!  

PPS. How many loads of unfolded loads of laundry do you think you can fit on two sofas and a chair?  

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