Procrasticlutter and other Fun Freeing Words!!!!

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.

There is only one genre of books that might rival my diet collection and that is stacks of books trying to lure me over to the organized side of the aisle.  As many of you know as a young girl my affirmations and my yearly resolutions were some form of wanting to be a well put together organized person.  Welllllll…. Some 50 gazillion plus years later, I finally decided to accept my limitations in this regard and try to love the ME, I am. 

I have not totally given up on being better but on a scale of 1 to 10 I would be happy with a 4.5!!  Don’t get me wrong, I love a well put together home where you know where the fingernail files are and one of the 25 pairs of glasses are, but I would settle for almost any kind of put together. I love it when  in the rare moments that it happens but it just does not last long enough. 

 I love words and I love reading words and writing words so I picked up one more book in an effort to be a better version of the fearlessly and wonderfully made part that God made of me.  Decluttering at the speed of Life is written by Dana White who I believe may have a little of me in her, got me right away with her use of such words as deslobification and procrasticlutter.  Now here is a sister I can relate to!!!

It is not that I am lazy but I just don’t have that gene that helps me know how to categorize and know not to put laundry detergent next to the spaghetti and worse than that is keeping it that way.  When it is all together which is painful and usually involves a team of humans, I look around and dang before I know it I have 10 mismatched earrings in a spot waiting for their friends and I can not find one single pair of glasses.  The sofa which was once clear is now the laundry basket one more time.

If you are one of my organized friends and you are judging me and shaking your head, please just give me a tiny grace. I want to be like you I really do but God just made me with other gifts. If I can just find where I put them.

So to share the mind blowing thing that will surely not be mindblowing to you gals and guys were made to alphabetize and categorize, here it goes.  I think the main reason I was always so paralized each time I would read about how to get organized or de-clutter, I thought the two had to happen at the same time.  When Dana White opened up a new world for me by saying that no no no, to declutter is just to throw stuff out, organizing is a completely different task for another time!!!!!  Well hallelujah,  I can do that.  

So as a layman what I think she is saying is kind of like if you are going to remodel a kitchen the declutter part is just taking a sledge hammer and throwing it around and knocking down walls. You don’t have to know how to put it back together, that is for the construction team.  Mind blown.

I think I am talented enough to throw out 1002 mismatched socks, get rid of 100 of my 300 books, finally let go of those 10 year old single earrings without a match. That I can do.  I think I will get around to putting up the winter clothes I never wear before it is time to take them down again.  Oh Lord, all the scarves, now that is a whole book to be written.

I do love to throw textures and colors and styles all together to create a happy environment.  I have a gift for that and I love to do it.  God help me so that I don’t have to clean, decorate then move on a regular basis. 

When God said that I was fearlessly and wonderfully made did he have any idea that I was a messy, scatterbrain  version of that?  I imagine that he did, but He also knew that I was a somewhat happy, messy, loving, curious,  colorful version of that and he matched me up in life with people that were born knowing what procrasticlutter and deslobification were naturally!!!

Thanks to those friends that love me as I am and help me clear my life to be a better place to be.  

Loving you madly!!! 

Karen Key Smith

Ps.  I paid Jocelyn and Jett to find my computer so I could write this blog.

PPs. Bonus!!!  They found 2 computers. 

PPPs.  Thanks Jody for being all organizy at the lake!!!! 

3 thoughts on “Procrasticlutter and other Fun Freeing Words!!!!

  1. Love it we all have a job to do , just appreciate your job and someone like me will always be there to help you find your way!

  2. I have so much clutter…even when I toss or donate, I still see more….I need to move…so I purge, but I wouldn’t because I know I might need it later. Love you…looking forward to lunch!

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