Circles of Love

God let me circle your world with love

Let me march for and not against,

Let me bring my brother in and not shut him out,

shut him out with unforgivenss and lack of tolerance,

God show me more ways to love your people

God show me more ways to bring others in

God show me more adjectives to describe your kids like you,

beloved, redeemed, forgiven, sanctified, and cherished,

God if I am tempted to call them out or to lay them low, remind me that we all fall short and we are in need of your grace and your goodness,

We can only have it if we give it and we can only feel loved if we are loving.

It is in the giving that we are given to

It is in the hoping for others that we find hope

It is in the kind reflection that we realize that if I think loving thoughts that is what circles all around me. And so it is.

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