Filled with pie and happy thoughts.

My first blog was heavy like my tummy filled with pie and all the bounty we are blessed with this year.  I decided that a full and heavy tummy was enough and the other blog would wait for another day so I decided just to share a note of thanks.

My coffee mug this morning  was “kind people are my kind of people”  That is the thing I am the most thankful for this year is kind people. I see them everywhere!!! I see them everywhere because that is what I am always looking for. 

Yes I know every now and then I see the opposite but when I do it just reminds me of how thankful I am for all the kindness shown to me all of my life. If I stop and think of its opposite then I can not enjoy the beauty of the gift meant for me.

I decided a long time ago that when I started my business I would never be money focused but rather focus on how many hearts I could bless and how much kindness I could share. I asked each day, “God who needs me today, what do you have for me today?” And yes as my business has grown I wondered should my perspective grow with my business and I decided that no not at all. 

I have been true to the calling before me and when I think of all the wonder and the gifts that have come to me I can’t even hold it. That is the point we are not meant to hold any of it, we open our hearts and our minds and we pour it out on others. This constant flow of kindness has no end  but it envelops all that we do.  

I decided if money was my goal there will never be enough but if changing hearts and minds for the better so that they know that they too can have a life of abundance, of love and kindness, then that quest has no end. I know I read somewhere that we should create a life that will continue long after we are gone. I know that my sweet husband did that and it keeps him alive. I hope to do that for the rest of my days.

I was talking to my daughter because someone was saying unkind things and I stopped for a moment and a part of me wanted to address it but then she said something wonderful and it matched my peace slippers and my philosophy. She said,” Mom keep being fully you and let your freak flag fly.” And I decided yes I will and at that moment I said, “Yes, I will be a love freak.” And so it is.

I hope you have found so much to be thankful for this year and I imagine at the top of your thanks are all the kind people that have flooded and moved in and out of your life at just the right time!!!  I know I am thankful for all of you.

Loving you with the deepest of love that I can fathom,


Ps. How much pie is too much pie?

Pps. I had a balanced day yesterday pie for Breakfast and pie for supper and I made sure they were different so I could achieve balance.

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