What if?

God what if I took this day and all day long I thanked you for every little thing!!!???

Every breath, every person that smiled at me, that spoke kind of me and to me.

What if the entire day I found lovely traits in people and beauty in nature?

What if I looked at every problem as an opportunity to learn something new, to depend on a long lost friend, to find comfort in you and in others.

What if I took the time to thank you as I got in my car and I drive to my job?? I just say thank you out loud and proud!!!

What if when tempted to complain I remind myself that NO NOT NOW for I have too many blessings to count?

What if I remember and practice this truth:

A life of praise and thankfulness becomes a life filled with everyday miracles.

I know these miracles are around me with every breath I take and I just open my spiritual eyes to see it all. And so it is.

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