The Storytellers Secret is not lost on me!!!

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“Don’t ask for a light load, ask for a strong back” ~ Whitney Cummings

So it looks like I am going to tell you about how much I loved Whitney Cummings book, and I did but this is not about that.  I’m Fine was a great book but I just loved her quote and it was fitting for all the enlightenment I got from the last book I just devoured, The Storyteller’s Secret. From time to time I like to share some wonder from books that grab me and this one grabbed me!!!

I found it interesting the array of reviews that this book garnered and some were not too flattering. I found a trend among the not so good reviews and they were dissecting the relevance and the accuracy of the story. Well first of all it is a story and it is fiction so it can be as the author wishes.   For me I loved the book and was lost in the story from page one to the very end. In fact it was so engaging it was one of those books that when it ended, it continued in my head and my heart.

I wanted my sweet husband to be here so we could talk about it together but since he is not I called Erica immediately and we recited pages and thoughts and became so engrossed in the relevancy in the story for all of us, but especially us women. Sorry guys!!!  We love you too but this was such a reminder to me as a woman that I have so much afforded to me in the choices for my life and my career and that I live in such a time where nothing is impossible for me.

The story weaved in and out of the lives of daughter and mom and culture and time frames. It was a reminder that even though we don’t have a caste system in the United States we can at times treat each other less than favorable based on our beliefs and even our heritage. I want to think we have made progress in this regard. Sometimes I wonder, but then I remember that the more I let my mind be expanded and the more I learn about other cultures the easier it is to understand and accept all of God’s kids and all of our differences.  

I would encourage all of my sweet friends to read this book and yes it has a powerful message for all of us women but men are not left out either. The strong men that rallied for equality  and the belief that all of us have the right to learn and grow and experience life to its fullest, well you will find that in the pages as well.

The Storyteller’s Secret made me so very thankful, one that I love to read and two that I love to learn, and three that I am a woman with so much hope and power in the USA. It also rings true that the women in this book were certainly built with strong backs!!!!

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