Broken trees and happy notes and the comfort of Grace!!!

It is Christmas Day and although there is a powerful celebration because of the birth of a wee one that would be our strong one in times of pain and in times of jubilation. Us humans sometimes don’t know where to turn in either situation.

Yesterday our big shiny Christmas tree broke in half and while I did not love that it was laying on the ground, I was just thankful that it ever stood. I did not worry about it and knew that we had enjoyed it for a time and if it was not fixable we would move along. Andy and one of our sweet people at Beachy-cations took it upon themselves to put it back right.  They had to cut it at the break!!! This auto-correct tried to finish that sentence with the phrase breaking point, just like God does for me and for you and he uses his sweet people to help straighten up what is bent and broken. 

When we are at our breaking point, he cuts the pain at the place of pain and sets us back up, most times stronger than before. We are now braced for whatever life comes our way.

Today we rejoice but we also bow our heads in asking for comfort for many friends lost in this season due to Covid and to addictions and all in between. This pandemic has taken more from many than we ever imagined and has taught us lessons that we were not asking to learn.  Brent I am so sorry about your precious mama, you were an amazing son!!! You are an amazing friend to so many so let us love you now. Let us hold you now in our hearts.

I want to end this belated blog with a note sent to me by Andrea. I had asked that in lieu of gifts please give your heart to others. I am so thankful that you all did and this from Andrea is the gift of words and hope and I will breathe this in and live this so enjoy and love our world with all of your heart!!!  This will be my mantra as Ido what God has put me here to do, to be uniquely me, designed according to his purpose.  

Merry Christmas Karen,
Thank you so much for the prayer bracelet. It’s lovely.

I know you didn’t want any presents so I wrote this for you.

Hello Beautiful Being,

I can’t wait to see you do the next things.

I can’t wait to see how everything is going to grow around you.

He’s put a spark in you that can’t be snuffed out.

You’ve got a forward-moving momentum that pulls the world along with you.

You will keep facing challenges head-on and without one ounce of defeat when surprises shift your path. You just know his ways always flow the right way. This keeps you alive and spinning, whirling, and magically motivated.

I can just see your future successes shining out of your glowing face. You don’t even know what they are yet but you know they are coming. 

Love you!!!

Merry Christmas to all of those who follow my heart and prayers for all that are hurting and lost. And if someone’s tree falls down, don’t ask what you can do, just grab a friend and put it back up. When you do you will put an extra brace on it and it will be stronger and so will you because you were a joy to a brother or a sister.  

Oh Holy Night!!!  I hear the angels voices and they are saying that we are loved and holy and built for great things. I love you and I adore you and I pray you be lifted up and over every mountain that looms before you.

Blessed assurance,


Ps. Gian the precious ornament that is my peaceful symbol of Hugh is so lovely on my tree. 

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