To My own Self be true!!!

This blog could also be titled, Oops I did it again!!!!  I am trying to know myself and you would think after 61 educated years of hills and valleys and missteps and lots of hallelujahs, I would pretty much have myself pegged. But alas I keep on doing things I know just do not work for me. 

And since we are about to ring out the old and welcome with open arms the new I am thinking about a few of those things, namely the things I do in the name of losing weight and such. Do you remember the blog where I told you that I had tried WW 12 times and lost 9 pounds just like that hilarious comedian Leanne Morgan? I know those things are NEVER for me but it seems it took 12 times and many subscriptions that I could not remember the passwords for to remind me that that is not my jam!!!!  

I will tell you again for clarity and kindness sake that there is nothing wrong with Weight Watchers and it has helped many women count their points and see the scale go down but I don’t like to count so voila not for me.  

As I am sitting minding my own business and pulling on my too tight pants I saw one too many Noom commercials and they all were so fit and deliriously happy and they looked like they knew the secret. So against everything that was singing inside of me and the knowledge that months later I would never go beyond the welcome letter, just like Hello Fresh I hit that darn button.  HelloFresh is another great idea but many wasted boxes later… that is a story for another day.

Why do I do it? I really don’t know but I do know that there are just some things that are me and some that are not.  Speaking of which, I have really gotten into studying the enneagram. I know I am super late to the party, remember if you know me well, I don’t like parties either. But back to the numbered system of finding out about our personalities.  It turns out that I do know that I love to read and study and that is never a wrong move for me. I know that I will never live long enough to read all the books I want to read and if I don’t change my ways I will not live long enough to cancel all my weight loss programs I sign up for…. And forget the darn passwords for!!!

Jody introduced me to a great book on Enneagrams title The Road Back to You. So in case you are wondering, the road back to YOU is the road back to God. The author, Ian Morgan Cron feels and I tend to agree that the better we know ourselves the easier it is to have a deep and abiding relationship with our creator. Makes great sense to me and the more you study our fellow travelers the easier it is to have grace for them. We can see past the things that make us confused and become compassionate about our humans that are all just doing the best they can with what they have.  

So in case you are wondering, I am a 3 with a strong 2 wing!!!  I was kind of ticked off and slammed the computer closed when It proclaimed me a 3 but I studied it and looks as though I best make friends with 3. . I also think that maybe there is a chapter in the book that will tell me some more of the whys so I may find some more hows. But whatever the outcome, I have enjoyed studying the book and I believe you will too.

So what the heck is all this about? I think it is a lot of paragraphs to say that this year my gift to me and my gift to the world is to become more and more who God designed me to be. I have found that the truer I get to that truth, the happier, the more joyous I am and consequently so are the people around me. And for Pete’s sake perhaps I will stop signing up for weight loss programs. 

2 thoughts on “To My own Self be true!!!

  1. So relatable Karen!! Happy New Year! I will spend this year more in prayer. I want
    To shut off my whirling mind, get quiet and listen to the Holy Spirit. I miss being in tune with Him. God bless you and your sweet family in 2021 Karen!

    1. I am so thankful that you take the time to read my blog. I have learned that on today’s like today when I don’t get up early enough to listen to God for a good amount of time then I am in trouble!!!
      Happy and prosperous and mostly God led New Year.

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