Looking Back to Move forward.

Note about this New Years blog. Looking back is useful only as a tool to remember the joys that we want to re-celebrate and to learn powerful lessons that we can carry into tomorrow. We will not find our peace backwards but we will learn lessons to help us live a more peaceful, profitable and joyful abundance in this day, the only one we have. May you be blessed today and may you start anew but remain thankful for what all has come before to get you to this place rested in God’s grace.

God Looking back….. WOW!!!! You have brought me through every valley and celebrated each and every mountain top,

There is no place I have ever gone or will ever go that you are not there!!!

Sitting here the corners of my mouth turned up, sitting alone but not lonely,

Listening to the rain and believing it is watering this earth and cleansing my soul,

Washing away all that would keep me stuck, leaving my world green and nourished, 

New like the new year

New like the hope I have in you,

New like my renewed health  and peace you continue to bless me with. And so it is.

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