One New Bud!!!

One of my loving and ever-so-sweet people at Beachy Beach gave me an adorable flower and plant arrangement in an adorable little box for bosses day.  We carried it carefully to our new home and it is living on my preciously precious pink desk.  I looked up and was enjoying it when I saw that there were some parts of the plant that had withered and died and needed to be pruned.  When I reached out and plucked the lackluster branches there was a tiny little bud, so tiny but so beautiful.  It was there and I could not see it till I faced the muck and removed it.

That got me thinking all kinds of happy things. I was so delighted about the tiny coral flower that was just beginning to sprout, look at me, yahoo Spring is here. It made me realize a few things: 1) Spring always follows winter and 2) I had to remove the dead stuff to see the pretty and 3) It was blooming all the time underneath the surface!!! So many times when I think nothing is happening, so much is growing around me and through me.

I also had a walk around our building the other day and Kristi and I looked ever so closely at the dark and withered-looking branches and we got tickled when we spotted a little sprout. All that was needed to believe that there was life was a tiny little green sprout and with that, we knew there was more to come.

We have all been in a long winter season and it has had little to do with the outside weather but the storms that have been whirling all around us.  I still can not believe that our lives have been so uprooted yet so grounded and made more lovely at the same time.  

Losing my health that I think at times I took for granted has taught me to be thankful for the tiny little bud, that extra walk around the park, the night of good sleep, my returning health day by day!!!  There is nothing much that I take for granted anymore except I do believe that underneath all the things that seem scary things are growing in me and life will return to an even better than normal.

Spring really did come at a perfect time of year this year!!!!  It has ushered in some hope and the belief a little tiny bud can be found if we reach in and brush away the dead parts and the scary parts and water it just a little and here we GROW!!!!

To all of you who have loved me and delighted me by growing through some of the tough parts and celebrated the wonderful parts, I adore you!!!!  I celebrate spring with you. I celebrate life with you and I celebrate loving each other through it all.

Forever finding the pretty blooms,


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  1. Love this. One of these days I’m going to stop by and walk around the building. It’s so beautiful.

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