Why Not People!!!

I admit that something in me froze and procrastination, hesitation and many other stalling tactics have kept me at a stand still.  I have been saying and dreaming of writing my book for a few years now and I have spent much of my time moving my book bag from car to car and house to house with no writing action as of late.

I have always seen myself as a Why Not person instead of asking Why but obviously I have regressed.  I heard a statistic today and was shocked that 80 % of the population say they would like to write a book but do you know how many people actually do it!!!!!?????  A whopping 1%!!!!!!  

My sweet Mary Kay director Mary Papciac always said that it is easy to find excuses not to do something rather than reasons to do so.  And to take that further it is said that Why People look for excuses and Why Not People look for opportunities.  And to take that another step further when it comes to writing you have to make your own opportunities. The magic does not happen because you get inspired, you get inspired when as  Ann Lamott says you put your butt in the chair and start writing. It is a discipline and an art form that must be practiced and furthermore you have to risk being awful before you are great!!!! 

Lets face it, I think I am scared of being awful and what if I am awful?  But what if I am able to share something that resonates with others and gives them hope for a better life, a better future. Now that is something I would love to do. I actually get fired up just thinking about that.

I would really like to be in that 1% and if that is the case I am going to put my butt in the chair and be okay with being just okay till I become better at what I am meant to do.   

To find my  Why Not?, I think of how much joy I get when I read a book and how happy it makes me and how I get lost in the words. I want to do that for someone. I want to show people that they can become energized and find hope in the right passage and be swept away in language that moves them. I want so badly to know that I can make someone feel that joy that I feel and that to me is a great Why not!?

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