Love Starts Here!!!

I read a wonderful passage in Mark Batterson’s book, The Circle Maker. He was sharing his list of things that meant success to him.  Mark shared that it was his hope; “That the people who know me best respect me the most.” I want to be famous in my home!!!!! Those  precious words sparked a sweet sweet memory of someone who was Famous in his own home!!!! 

It also hit me that the place that we need to build love is right in our own homes!!! It starts from the center!!! The place where we should start always is in our homes, in our jobs, in our community and then it spreads like wildfire.  

Let me get personal on this front. Have you ever known people that are kind when dealing with the outside world and they come home and show little patience and little kindness and certainly little love?  I am thankful that was not my experience in living with Hugh F Smith. And thankfully it was not his experience living with me. We saved our best selves for home where it all starts!!!

People were always amazed at how sweet he spoke of me in front of me and he was great at talking behind my back, ever so sweetly. To hear him tell it I was the greatest person he knew. If that was not good enough, he was even sweeter at home. At home love was our mantra, it was our default. It was how we spoke, it was the foundation of how we even disagreed. Home was a place of peace, sweet peace.

How we speak to each other in our homes and out of our homes should always reflect the warmth that we share for each other. Snippy comments and belittling remarks hurt the recipient but moreover they actually hurt the person who gives them.  Hugh always said that we will never get away from the unkindness that we do to another person. It stays with us forever and impacts our peace.

I want to always remember that in all that I do, Loving God and Loving people starts at home, with my family. Love starts here but it sure does not end here. I am so thankful to have a precious work family that gets it. You get that yes we sell Real Estate but in a sense we sell hope and we share our hearts of service.  And in that we can be a success each and every day!!!!

Loving you deeply,


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  1. I always loved how Hugh admired you and watch you flit from flower to flower….he was always smiling while watching and listening to you….I was so happy for you to have found a loving husband that treated you like the deserving person you were meant to be….and yes, we both got lucky on the second shot!

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