Not for me.

Somethings are not for me

Every opportunity is not mine to take, 

God has taught me and is teaching me that all things are not mine to say yes to,

I want my best yes, God’s best yes for me.

What I say no to allows me room for the yes meant just for me,

Making room in my life for the most important things- love-family-things of the spirit,

Everything does not need my response,

Just things, holy things, kind things, hopeful things, more lasting things,

So many good choices out there,

Creating Margin, creating space, makes room for more of what I am created  for,

I can slow down long enough to be grateful as I move at a God paced cadence.  Gathering and sharing love as I go. And so it is.

This affirmation was born out of reading about my Best Yes in Lysa Terkeurst’s book, The Best Yes.  She has great insight on this topic as well as shares practical questions to ask ourselves so we may live our best Yes!!!!  The last few years of my life have been a journey to create a more relaxed and slow and peaceful life!!!

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