A Better Story

My life tells a better story every time,

My words are important but my actions and how I treat others tell a better story,

Love is an action verb and the best exercise is loving others,

I am so thankful

God I know that how I live is louder and more true than the words I speak,

I want to do what you put me here to do,

Let my actions show the love I have in my heart,

You said follow me, I will follow you!!!

You said, Feed my lambs, love those that hate you, pray for those that despise you.

Your economy is an upside down economy,

I am called to love, to give and to honor all your kids with not only my words but my actions too. And so it is.

Note: I can only live my best story, not the story of others or the story they wish I would live. People pleasing is different than loving people and is the direct enemy of living our own authentic story.

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