Victim or Victor, My choice!!!

Being a victim is typically something we have no control over in the truest sense of the word but at times I think we are volunteers  instead of victims. Through the years I have learned that  whether victim or victor it is totally my choice.  Many times I am actually a volunteer in my own victimhood if I am not careful. And the most dangerous thing about victimhood behavior is that it is encouraged and reinforced perpetuating this mentality.  

I looked up what a victim mentality was and thought it was worth sharing:

6 Signs of ‘Victim’ Mentality

  • You feel powerless, unable to solve a problem or cope effectively with it. …
  • You tend to see your problems as catastrophes. …
  • You tend to think others are purposefully trying to hurt you. …
  • You believe you alone are targeted for mistreatment. …
  • You hold tightly to thoughts and feelings related to being a victim.

The big problem with victimhood is that if you embrace it others  who are victims will squeeze into your circle and tighten your hold on to this unhealthy emotion. The feeling of being victimized leaves you powerless to change your situation. The victim mentality tells you that you are totally at the whims of whatever others are doing or are feeling. THAT IS JUST NOT SO!!!!!! IT IS 100 PERCENT NOT SO. 

I promise you that if you want to be a victim there are many who will hear your rally cry and jump on board. But their jumping on board will not empower you, it will cripple and keep you right  where you are… STUCK!!!

I know you have heard this on more than one occasion from me and if you hang with me you will hear it possibly 3 or maybe 1,000 times more.  I have embraced a philosophy of life that I call reverse paranoia.  Reverse Paranoia means simply, that I believe that  everyone is out to help me.  

If something does happen that is contrary to that then I just assume that whatever it is that I lost was not mine to be had or possibly something better is around the corner.  I have a belief that something much greater and bigger than me is running my show. That spirit within me is a great director who is working things out ALWAYS for my benefit and not to the exclusion of others, and vice-versa.

I am never a victim, I am a victor. I am a thankful, a very thankful victor. I win some, I lose some. But never ever do I lose anything of value that can not be a lesson or a gift. I am so thankful that I am surrounded by other amazing people who feel this way. Assuming that people are basically wonderful allows me to feel wonderful myself.

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