Puffer Fish, Or what you think of me is none of my business!!!

As I begin this love letter to my sweet precious agents who mean so much to me and give me so much joy, I ponder whether this will stay hidden in my docs or make it to the light of day. This is a sensitive subject and I want to make sure I honor the topic with the honor it deserves without sounding like a critical human just adding to the negative fray so here we go!!!

There is an intelligent seeming and quite successful woman that has talked in unkind fashion about myself and my company. Many times using the very spirit that I hold dear against me.  I have known this for a bit and have put it on ignore and have not allowed it to influence who I am or how I run my business.  I have a few times however tilted my head in wonder because I am not quite sure where this disdain comes from.

In my heart I want to believe when someone is unkind for seemingly no reason at all, it has NOTHING to do with me.  I think that when someone strikes out there is a hurt in them that they can not wrestle with.  Animals can make themselves morph into bigger than they actually are as a sort of protection.  I think us humans can do that too!!!

Puffer Fish create toxins and will kill you if you come too close.  The good news is the Puffer Fish makes himself toxic as a protection and thankfully if you leave him alone, he can not hurt you.  And underneath his puffed out exterior is a small fish that is just trying to protect himself.

It is such an old adage but I think it is still relevant that, “Hurt people hurt people.”  I want to make sure that the cycle ends with me.  I don’t want to take in the toxic unkindness and pay back a hurt with a hurt.  I love that expression, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”  

As a young girl, I remember being bullied by some mean girls and I knew at that age that even though I was sad at the treatment. I felt no anger, only a sense that something must be sad in them to make them treat others that way.  I am not responsible for how someone treats me, that is none of my business but I am 100 percent responsible for how I treat others.  

My prayer is to love God and love people and if they do not feel the same then I honor them as they are.  I also will not alter my heart because someone does not respect and honor me or mine. I wanted to end this message with an old prayer affirmation that I shared on Waking Up with Happy Ass:


                      Generosity of Spirit

God give me a spirit of generosity, not just in my giving but in the way I see my fellow man,

Let me see others through the filter of your heart – your spirit,

You always see past the confusion, the noise and the fear,

You know that sometimes those that are the loudest are the most hurt,

Remove from me the confusion and the distractions.

I want others to see Jesus in me– Likewise let me see you in others,

I love living with Rose colored glasses,that works for me.

Looking deep, past the hurt of humanity, I just see a lost person wanting to be found.

I am so thankful that you look past all of my muck to find me. Please help me do the same. And so it is.

So very thankful for each of you and your big ole hearts!!!!


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