A trickle becomes a River!!!

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You do not always see the progress you are making because a lot of the progress can’t be seen.  A lot of it happens internally deep below the surface.  That is why you must trust yourself and the work you are putting in, my beautiful friend. That is why you keep going even when you do not see the change yet…….”  Nikki Banas

I sometimes wish I could see improvement right away as a one to one correlation of the time put into something.  But I know that the things that are worthwhile are happening in me and not a product that I can quantify with my sight right away.  Our jobs are so like that especially if you are blessed to be in sales.  We really do reap what we sow but it may be on a different field than you planted.  

I was reading Bob Goff as per usual and he was talking about getting excited as he hiked when he saw a sign, Headwaters ahead.  He expected to see a huge expanse of water and a big flowing gush but instead it was a tiny trickle at the base of a tree. That little tiny trickle would become a mighty river and change the landscape and expand as it grew, yet its beginnings were so very small.

I know that my life flows in the direction of my thoughts and what begins as a tiny thought can become a big reservoir of ideas and dreams.  I want them to manifest and show me that I am getting somewhere but sometimes all that is happening is so far below the surface, I just have to keep on till I become that bigger stream. 

I have recently gotten into Yoga, specifically hot sculpt yoga!!!  I was actually a little frightened of adding the word hot to my practice and then to add the weights but I did it anyway. The first few times I had to stop and take a few breaths while my body caught up to my heartbeat!!!!  It is really hot and it is really hard!!!!! And when the instructor started talking about and then better yet doing the crow pose……. Imagine leaning forward while squatting down and then putting your knees on your elbows and balancing there!!! Yeah right!!!!!  Back to just breathing.

So the first few times I just got in the position, okay more than a few times I crouched down and got in the position and imagined myself doing it. First one knee on the elbow then the other. NOTHING.  I told myself you can do this and I just kept seeing myself doing it in my head before I could do it in my body.

I hear Grace’s words as we move and bend. “I am so proud, you are so strong. I am so proud you are so strong.”  So in my head, I am so proud of myself, I am so strong.  That thought in my head became the balance in my body and for just a few seconds I was a crow!!!!!  I did it!!! 

At the end of class she reads beautiful passages as the one above and she affirms us and I take that into my spirit and it is expressed in my body.  I find myself choking up when she says, you can do it and I know that I can.  And I also know that if I can not do something the first time or the second or even the third, something is happening inside of me before it shows on the outside. 

I pray that as you are becoming better at your chosen field or just at living your life, you remember that all change is not big and all beginnings are not grand. Just like the headwaters that are the beginning of a mighty river we will grow and flow as our creator intended for us. 

“As you work on being a better version of yourself, your mind is hard at work changing and expanding. Your body is getting stronger within before you will see it on the outside. The healing you are doing is happening deeply— you may not realize it or feel it but every moment you commit to your healing you are taking a step towards your growth. It takes time to realize how much you are growing, and it takes patience to see your blooms. Keep trust in the process. Keep working on yourself. And know that even when you cannot see it yet, you are growing beneath the surface. “  Nikki Banas

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  1. I loved when I did yoga! I felt so at peace when I was leaving…I need to start taking care of myself again….Sept….that will be my month to start again!

  2. This is beautiful. I’m reading that Bob Geoff affirmation book this year and really enjoying it.

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