Enchanted with Life, Or Making my own headlines!!!!

There are so many things to get distracted about,

But Lord equally more abundantly are things to be grateful for,

So many boxes to unpack means I have been blessed with so many things to make my life easier,

It means I have a home to upack in,

I have arms to unpack and legs to carry,

There is injustice but there is also so much love and compassion,

I see friends write checks to organizations who can no longer fundraise,

I have a brother of a soldier grab my hand and pray on the spot for the servicemen and the people of a war torn country, not blessed with freedom like us,

When there are no flowers in my garden I can just buy some,

When people are hurting I can ease their burden and they can ease mine when it is time,

All around me I see people helping each other,

People are loving, they are kind, they are helpful,they are giving and the more I see that the more I see that life is enchanting and I am grateful. And so it is.

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