In the middle of my mess!!!

God I am so thankful I can run to you in the middle of my mess,

You don’t expect me to get it right the first time,

Just as I am right now I can turn to you,

Not when I have it all together but right now in the middle of my mess,

I love that you take me and love me just as I am but love me too much to keep me there,

Leaning on, trusting in your gives me courage to change the things I can and accept the things I can not change,

My daily walk with you allows me to trust the process,

I don’t have to see the finish line to keep moving forward,

2 steps back, one step forward moving in your grace gives me strength.

Your grace is always there to catch me when I fall,

I will throw my arms back and fall into God’s grace.

There is no river too wide and no mountain too tall and no mess too messy that God’s grace does not cover. And so it is.

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