For such a time as this

As a young child I remember wiser humans telling me when facing turmoil and chaos and confusion.  Karen, “You were made for such a time as this!!!”  I believed them so when times were tough I picked up my bootstraps and pulled all my baggage together and put on my smiley happy face and continued on. And every time life was tough I was able to garner the strength that I had because I was made for such a time as this!!!

So now here we all are and many of us and you are thriving and our business is better than ever. While some of our friends have lost their jobs and are struggling but no one has been left untouched in this last year and a half. We are not the same, life is not the same but most of us know in our hearts, we were made of tough stuff.  

But my question is, what about when life is great and money is flowing and things seem to be rocking along. Are we made for times such as this? Or do we become desensitized to those around us? Do we forget that what comes up must come down and we must prepare for it?  Do we change our values because the value in our bank accounts are bigger or lower? Do we change what is right and the convictions of our heart because now that I have money, perhaps I will share less and keep more for me, or perhaps I will spend like tomorrow will never come?

I was talking to a great friend and actually a friend I have known about longer than any other living breathing soul.  So a little about this fellow, he has made lots of money and he started with nothing. The one thing I have noticed about him is that the more he made the more he shared. I never saw him clinging tight to what he has made and he always remembers where he started and how he got there, and who helped him get there.

So tonight we were talking and he said to me. You know one of the scariest times in the life of a business is when things are going really well. He reminded me of a business that almost broke apart because money was freely flowing so then people would argue over what was whose and who is first etc.  It kind of reminds me of Jesus’s disciples when they were arguing over who would be first and who was the most important.  When all Jesus wanted to do was to work at what he loved and be of service and remember where it all came from.

I think when things get good, really good and honey and mana are flowing we tend to forget how we got there.  Our values shift and money becomes so important and we move our value boundaries just a little. No one will notice. And besides, It is only business!!! How can I get more ahead than I  already am?  

I was stung by my friend’s words and I want to be  that steady person who while thankful when life is good, remembers that my purpose does not change when my bank account or my status account changes. If anything to whom much is given much is expected.  

I want to remember that each and every day is this sweet and precious gift and if I can be of service to my fellows or if I can lighten someone’s load, that is my quest.  If I can do these things while staying true to my core then life will be rich in so many ways and in so many seasons.

I pray that I can say in all things and in all situations, that, “Yes I was made for such a time as this.”

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