Let me Rejoice and be glad

Let Me Rejoice and Be Glad.

I could choose to worry but it gets me nowhere,

Actually, it gets me somewhere I don’t want to go,

I love the old saying worry never paid a bill, worry never climbed a hill,

On the days where there is much to worry about I focus on all the things to praise about,

At the top, I live in the United States of America,

I am free to worship and to love as I feel in my soul,

I am free to become whoever I wish to be,

I am able to educate myself,

I am able to travel and to live wherever suits me.

With a flick of a switch, I experience cool or warm air,

I live in an amazing part of this diverse world,

Focusing on all that is available to me,

Thinking back on the life I have been blessed to live,

Reminds me there is always something to rejoice in,

Today Lord, Let me rejoice and be glad. And so it is.

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