Having my cake and eating it too!!!

“In light of my past experience, my current circumstances, and my future hopes and dreams, what is the wise thing for me to do?”  ~ Andy Stanley

So tonight I made a not-so-wise decision and if I had used this question above posed by Andy Stanley then the cake would still all be in one beautiful piece. Now thankfully the fact that I cut into a cake that should have not been cut into until tomorrow is not going to change the course of my life.  But…… there are many times that I have failed to pose this question and the outcome is certainly more treacherous than a prematurely cut cake.

I remember hearing this question from a friend over 20 plus years ago and I remember thinking, that is a cool question. But I never thought of it again until I really started looking at my life and trying to find a way to make wiser decisions. The thing about us humans and decisions is that a decision can be not wrong but still not be wise. I know that I have fallen on the side of not wrong but not wise more times than I would like to count.  

Not sure why but we humans are more prone to intervention than prevention and looking at life in the rearview to see where we goofed.  Our decisions that trip us up are typically the ones that sneak up on us because we fail to ask any questions at all. We are lamenting when it all goes wrong, just like it has in the past, one more time.  

When I was young because I lacked confidence and I certainly did not ask this question I found myself in not-so-great relationships.  It was not until I was older and knew my worth and wanted more for my life that I looked at what I was doing.  I guess that is why I ended up with such a man as Hugh F. Smith.  We learned to ask this question together as a couple.  

I wonder how many times in business I would have avoided a wrong turn if I had asked this question and not only asked it but answered it!!!  I wonder how many destructive relationships I would have avoided.  I wonder how many bad health decisions I would have avoided. 

When I look back I can honestly say that I did see it coming so many times but refused to ask and refused to look. I am trying to correct wrong turns and also trying to remember it is easier to prevent a problem than to correct one!!!  

The end of our year is right around the corner and I am asking myself lots of questions and I am inventorying my life to determine what stays, what goes, and what is important?  I think many of us started asking lots of questions about 19 months ago when we heard of a pandemic that we knew nothing about until it was looming over all of us.

I wanted to share this wise question from Andy Stanly with you in the hopes that when you are faced with decisions that could be viewed as not wrong, but not wise, you will choose wisely. The world has taught me that I will learn the lesson one way or another. I think I would like to learn the right path before I am 100 steps down the wrong one!!!  

It helps to do life with all of you. Together we have so much wisdom and so much hope and light to share with each other.  I am thankful, so very thankful.  Let’s ask some great questions together and live our best life EVER!!!!!

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