More than a kind of life!!!

I am kind of excited and kind of afraid and kind of many things right now!!!  I am knee-deep or heart deep is a better word for it in getting one of my books finished. I am trying to push other things aside so I can keep my promise to myself and move past a “kind-of” life.  I want an all-in, run to the finish, get it done kind of life.

As I was going through my writings and putting them all together I found this and I thought it quite appropriate for the time of year that we start to measure where we are and where we are going and further when will we get there???

When I was young I could kind of paint. I was a kind of artist. I could kind of dance. I was a kind of dancer. I could kind of write, I was a kind of writer. I could kind of give speeches……

There were so many things that I could kind of do. Why???? Was I afraid to go past kind of? Am I fearful of pushing past kind of now?

With that in mind and fresh at the top of my heart this is my affirmation to push past kind of and I thought it might help you too!!!

God help me move past kind of!!!

Help me push past fear and doubt and help me be fully what you have called me to be.

Help me push past the ordinary and go beyond the boundaries of just okay!!

I know it takes consistent dedication and perseverance to go past kind of.

To live a fully alive and exemplary life I want more than a kind of LIFE.

Help me remember that as a child of God I am created to do amazing things. 

Things that would bring joy to me and to others.

Things that use all of my God-given gifts and talents.

I was created for more than kind of. And so it is.

I am beyond excited that we get to meet together tomorrow and I get to see your sweet faces and hug your necks.  I am so excited that we have been through it all together and we are growing and becoming so much more than kind of. I think our strength is in our doing this life together and encouraging each other.

Let’s do this!!!!!  All in. All together. Becoming all that we are put here to be!!!

I love you so much and not just kind of, I really really do!!!!!

Karen key Smith

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