Every year for the last few years sans DARN covid, Lacey Maxwell and I pick a word and build our year and our vision board around it!!! In a blink of an eye, that time is here again.  And with the knowledge that if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there, I don’t want to get…. just nowhere or…. just anywhere!!! (I know that is awful grammar but it makes my point)

I landed on the word intentional for my word to build my yearly plan and vision board around. To make sure that I was very clear and super intentional about it I looked it up.  When you are intentional, you choose to make decisions and take action on what’s important to you. Being intentional means getting clear upfront about what you want to achieve. You intentionally set an intention to achieve a specific outcome or result in the future that is important to you.

Getting older has its perks, for me anyway. I have started to really think that I am in the 2nd half of my ball game and I need to consider what I am doing and why and if I don’t have a strong why then seriously, WHY?????  I decided that this year I want to be more intentional about everything from nutrition to finances to business decisions and time with my friends and family.

Another great perk of 62 is that you finally realize that it is my game to play and that if I build my life around the intentions and dreams of others there is little value or peace in that.  I wish I had known that and lived it 40 years ago but this life stuff can not be lived in the rearview mirror.  At least I know it now and can course correct.

I tend to be a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kind of gal and while that serves me well in many areas of my life, it is not a good solid end of the game plan.  I like that I can be impulsive and happy and joyful in the most hideous of situations but I also want to build more of an intentional life.  

I am thankful that I am surrounded by like-minded people who know that seeing what we want out of life and planning it out and staying with that plan is a great recipe for success in any and every endeavor.  This year as I set my life on an intentional path, I am focusing on my health, time with my family,  my books, enjoying more of nature, simplifying my life, and only pouring my time into things that move my heart and my spirit, things that will live long after my game is over.  

Tomorrow morning I will cut out pictures and paste pictures and think and dream and wish and hope. And if I do it like I intend to, I will build my life around that plan.   Our lives truly do move in the direction that our heart is pointing. I just want to make sure it is pointing upwards and onward. GAME ON!!!!

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