This Sacred Day-TODAY!!!!

Each day I wake— I make the wake up list, it is a sacred day!!!!

I love the stillness of the early morning as God and I sit in gratitude,

Filling my heart, soul and mind with all the things I am grateful for allows me to relish and SAVOR this day.

I am grateful for every twist and turn, every mountain and valley—- I have so many opportunities to grow and to thrive.

My heart is full. My mind and body are strong.

Each day I become healthier, mind, body and spirit.

I am intentional with my nutrition and my daily exercise.

I fill my day with KIND thoughts and follow with the action of lifting others.

There is no fear in me because perfect love casts out fear.

How I view things is how I do things.

I use my mind to create the life I want.

All around me is so much more than I can see.

So I will call this day sacred and celebrate all that God in his loving spirit has provided me.  And so it is.

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