This punctuated life!!!!!

I am so grateful for a life lived in punctuation—– elated full and bold in love with this one beautiful life. ~ happy ass

Y’all this time last year I was petrified and so many of you that loved me were praying to God and asking him to please grant me another day!!! Many of my friends who were not sure God was even real prayed to him anyway. So many people were not that fortunate and they lost their lives and the lives of their families.

To say I am grateful is way too ordinary for this extraordinary life I am honored to live right now. I am sitting in a coffee shop working on my long procrastinated book. I am almost embarrassed to talk about it unless I actually show you the finished product complete with colorful cover!!! Today I was without kids and family and could not find a friend that wanted to hang so off to the coffee shop to write. No more excuses.

Yes the garage is cluttered and there is much to do but these words are screaming to find a life of their own so here I am showing up!!!

Today I am healthy, I am strong, I am hopeful, I am thankful, I am encouraged and I am called to serve and to love and THANK GOD FOR THIS DAY!!! THIS BEAUTIFUL DAY THAT I GET TO LIVE AND TO SHARE THIS PRECIOUS LIFE!!!!

If you were one of those precious humans who prayed for God to save me, I promise to use every day giving back and spreading joy and light and hope. I promise to find something in every little morsel of life to be grateful for. And so it is!!!!

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