Failure is information Rich

Failure is information rich.

I don’t have to know the whole path to get started,

Sometimes I just guess and get started.

What if I make a mistake? So what! I probably will.

Making missteps allows me to find a better and smarter way forward.

But rest assured I will move forward.

Failing forward, making progress and thankful for the process.

God will show up and show out if I invite him in.

God is my creative partner

When my well is dry I will not worry and I will not fret

In the meantime I will study, I will grow and lean on my creative partner.

The mountain is lofty but the valleys are filled with wisdom.

I am thankful for all the ebbs and flows and all the dips and valleys.

I wake up with determination and go to be with satisfaction.

I know that every day has a message and a gift in it.

Failure gives me rich and beautiful information. And so it is.

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