The seeds I plant….. better be the crops I want!!!! ( Or Hit that fairway!!! )

The Seeds I Plant ( Podcast reflections)

I’m glad you’re here today. I’ve talked about something very openly, not the specifics, but I’m still dealing with a very difficult business situation and I’m trying to work myself through it. While some people within business are amazing human beings. Some of the most amazing on the planet. Some aspects of it are not so amazing that do not work for me. I’ve gotta get out of it. I gotta figure it out. So it’s been very difficult. It’s been one of the most difficult things I’ve gone through in the last few years and I think I’m finding my way through it, but it’s not an easy way through. In the last few days, to be honest with you… I started thinking about all the things that could go wrong. All the things that could happen to me.  I’m like, Hey, Karen, hold the farm. That’s not how you think. That’s not how you operate.

Let me put it into terms of playing golf. When I’m on the golf course, I’ve noticed when you’re on the golf course, you have this whole fairway in front of you. You’ve got all this fairway, a lot of fairways. In fact, I would say that 80% of the course, most times, it’s a fairway, 75% is a fairway, right?

So what do we do? We get that golf club in our hands. We get the ball and we think,” I don’t wanna hit the lake. I don’t wanna hit the sand trap.

And guess what we do????…we hit the dang  lake or the  darn sand trap. You know why? Because we’re telling our brain to hit the sand trap. We have to think about the things we want. We have to focus on the things we  WANT, not the things we don’t want.

Negative affirmations have never helped anybody do anything worthwhile except stay freaked out. One thing that I will tell you, especially women on hole number five at Bay Point, if you play there, you know what I’m talking about. We take our ball, our good ball, and we say I’m not gonna use my good ball because I don’t wanna hit my good ball in the water. Seriously… So what we’re saying to ourselves is, I better not put my good ball there, because I am gonna hit it in the water.  I don’t do that. Now ask me how many balls I’ve hit in the water? A whole bunch of them. Still to this day, I promise you I am not going to use a bad ball and tell myself in my subconscious that I’m gonna hit that ball of water. Not gonna do it. I’m gonna use a good ball every time.  I am not gonna focus on the sand traps of my life or the lakes of my life that I’m trying to avoid.

I’m gonna focus on the fairway. I’m gonna focus on that thing that I want to do. If I wanna do that, guess what? I’m gonna have to plant the seeds within me to grow the crops I want.  Not seeds for the things I don’t want. Nobody ever said, Hey, you know what, I’m just not gonna plant any seeds! That way nothing will happen. Or I’m gonna plant these watermelon seeds and maybe cucumbers will come up! Nope. That’s not the way life works.  So I don’t know if any of those golf and seeds metaphors make any sense, but they did to me.

Here’s today’s affirmation

The Seeds I Plant

 The seeds that I plant are the crops that will grow. 

Planting the right seeds brings me the right harvest. 

More and more, I fill my mind with what I want and need for a peaceful life.

 Focusing on what I can do in a day.

 Focusing on a one-day at a time life, because that’s all I have.

My obsessions can become my possessions. 

So my focus is on things of value for myself and others. 

I find possibilities because that is what I’m looking up for. 

I find opportunities because my mind is seeking them. 

I find solutions in every problem. 

I focus on what could go right. 

Each day with the thoughts I think. The prayers I pray and, the words I speak, I’m planting the seeds for the crops I want. 

And so it is.

 When I woke up this morning, it was so crazy that this was on my social media feed, but it was cray cray. This is just part of an affirmation. 

It’s from me, so I’m speaking to me today and it says, 

I focus on solutions, not problems. 

And that energizes me. 

I am persistent, optimistic, loyal, and disciplined.

 God is creating me to withstand and to thrive in the midst of adversity. 

We have to be intentional and repetitious in the things we want, not the things we don’t want. I  promise you if I’m standing on that tee box and I’m looking at that lake and I’m looking at that sand trap, that is what I’m gonna hit. But if I look at my life like that, 70% of the fairway. That is what I’m gonna hit every time. And y’all, I’m gonna tell you something. As a golfer, it is a lot easier to hit off the fairway than it is  a sand trap.

I promise you. 

I love ya. I appreciate you so much. Be sweet.

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