An Unbreakable Foundation (Lets all be workafrolicks)

Authors note: These musings are the meanderings and the thoughts recorded from my live cast and podcast put in written format just for you. So if they seem to have a conversational tone, it is because that is what they are!!! 

Hugh would always tell me I was adorable. Y’all I can’t make this up…

So I walk into my office and Barb Wade says to me,  oh my gosh, you’re so adorable. And I think, oh my gosh,  you’re kidding me?  Did you listen to Happy Ass? She didn’t listen to Happy Ass. She just said that straight from her precious heart!!  So it was like a  little wink from Hugh to say, Hey honey, I think you’re adorable. I do like to look cute so that tickled me big!!!

I think about, are we doing what we’re supposed to be doing? Are we living like we’re supposed to be living? Are we living a life full of passion and hope and just pursuing that passion? Because if you do pursue your passion,  you’re not working. You’re not even working. It’s so funny.Y’all I learned something so cute. On a podcast today from John Maxwell, (it’s about kind of what we’re talking about today: an unbreakable foundation),  a foundation built on passion and pursuit of the things you know that you need to be doing in your life. He said jobs don’t have futures. People do. If you want to have a better job, be a better you.  This is my favorite part because I’ve tried to explain this to people. I love to work. I love to work and I love my work. I love my work and I have found a way to love my work and do it with fun and excitement and enthusiasm.

When people get it, or when an agent sells a property or when an agent feels better about themselves or becomes a better person, it makes me so happy. I’m just so fired up. I’m gonna start saying this a lot.  I love to work and I love to have fun. I’m a workafrolic! Y’all, that’s what I am. 

Here’s today’s affirmation:

An Unbreakable Foundation

I am living a life  with a strong and unbreakable foundation. 

Each day I strive to be the absolute best version of me. 

I have a strong heart.

 An ironclad will and an armored mind,

 I only allow thoughts of success and growth into my spirit. 

I am far more interested in a life of continued growth than of immediate comfort.

I push my comfort zone because, on the other side is satisfaction and victory. 

As the master of my mind, I live boldly and confidently.

 I live a life of purpose and passion. 

With each trial and each victory, I am building an unbreakable foundation. And so it is 

I believe that the words we speak, the things we say to ourselves matter, it matters so much to my mind.  My spirit is hearing that. This puts an energy out there in the universe… that you can’t stop me. Don’t you know, you can try, but you can’t do it. Like David Goggins says, Can’t hurt me.  So that’s a good book, by the way, if you want to read it.  I am so thankful that I get to do this. I was listening this morning to a podcast. It was about passion. If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I know that sounds so hokey, but it’s so true.  I love what I do and I love who I do it with. I just do. . So I’m excited to find out that I’m a workafrolic. I think I’m gonna get a t-shirt that says I’m a workafrolic!

  This is the thing. Real estate… I love doing it. I really do. But what real estate does for me, what my business does for me.. it has enabled me to do the things that I really love. That’s being of service and giving to others. Inspiring others, helping others find hope. That makes me so happy. Another takeaway from the podcast was to find something you do that you can do, and you can do it for free and you love it.  Y’all, that’s what My Happy Ass Life is.  It’s for fun and for free. And I love it. I’m sorry. More than anything else I do.   This under 10 minutes with you is the most important thing I do every single day. There’s nothing more important because I feel like at this moment, in this time, I am being who God created me authentically to be. And it warms my heart. It makes me so happy. 

 I’m gonna tell you one more quick little story. About myself last night and what happened. So I’m in the boxing gym. I was a little afraid to go last night because it was so hot in the gym.  It was in the nineties, in the gym because it’s a metal building and it bakes all day. As soon as you walk in, you start to sweat. And I thought, oh my gosh, if  I get my heart rate above 160 there’s gonna be some major sweating going on.  I was a little nervous.  I drink this stuff called Sustain  from Melaleuca.  It’s amazing.  I drink a bottle of it while I’m there and one after I leave, but I was scared of going in. It was so hard. And you know, when I first started, I was so embarrassed. I was so embarrassed because I was just so pitiful. I was just not good at it. I’m still just a few levels above, not good.  I was embarrassed because when you got time to pick a partner, I knew nobody wanted to be with me. They were so kind because it wasn’t like when you’re new in elementary school. As I said, I  always dreaded the part where we had to pick a partner and I’d just slump back. I just wanted to be invisible for a moment. 

 Now people pick me. People say, ” Hey,wanna be my partner?  They’re happy to be my partner. Now, of course, I can’t pick the tall people. That won’t work. I was laughing last night and I said, you know what? I’m not the last one picked anymore. I’m moving up the chain. Last night it was so hard and we’re getting to the end of it and I made it to the very end and y’all I  started crying. I just started crying. Crying because I did it.  I think that a lot of times in life we don’t do things because we’re afraid. We’re scared. We’re so scared. We’re worried about what everybody else is thinking about but they’re not worried about you. They’re worried about what everybody’s thinking about them!

Don’t let your fear of something stop you. Don’t let that stop you. You may be the only person in the world that says what you’re gonna say and does what you’re gonna do.  To change one person who will then, in turn, change another person and then another, then another. Don’t be silent with your passion and your purpose. Do it every day.  Every day, you’re alive to do something that’s gonna make a difference in your life.  In the lives of others. If you do that, you are living a life worth living. 

 I love you so much. If this means something to you, please share it with others. I wish for you a day of passion, a pursuit of that passion so that you can bring happiness in its brightest and sweetest form to other people because you didn’t seek to absorb it.

You sought to radiate. I love you so much. Be sweet.

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