You may be right!!! (sage affirmation for ending an argument, even better don’t start one!!! )

I have learned that being happy is always better than being right.

Being happy means I don’t lose if you win.

Being happy means life does not have to be perfect to be enjoyed.

Being happy means growth toward my goal is more important than the goal.

I have learned to say, You may be right!!!

I have learned that different is not wrong,

I have learned that holy can be messy,

I have learned that to know God is to know unfettered love,

I have learned that you loving me is not my business but me loving you is!!!

I am called to love and to honor God’s kids.

To criticize you, I am criticizing God”s kid.

I am God’s kid and You are God’s kid.

I will focus on the love in you and when I don’t understand,

I will let go and let love and let God. And so it is.

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