I Can change MY world!!!

I can’t change the world but I can change the world in me!!!  – quote from Bono’s book Surrender 40 songs, one story.

I was born believing the world was a sweet place!!! As long as I can remember I had this weird filter that filtered out lots of the bad stuff and looked around the corner for the kindness and the sweet people. This is a GREAT thing but as you can imagine it has gotten me in trouble a few times in business and in life.  But I still think that!!! I think the world is mostly a wonderful place to live and that is held up by the fact that I work with some of the kindest and most giving humans in the WORLD!!! My sweet sweet world.

I want to stay this way.  I don’t want to change the part of me that looks for the best and you know what I usually find it!!!  Part of me does believe I can change the world!!!!

I remember being a young girl in school and let me set the stage. I was not attractive AT ALL and had coke bottle glasses that were so thick you could set the woods on fire.  I was a nerd in school and would rather read than anything and I just did not fit in.  There was a group of mean girls and they wrote me ugly notes and made fun of me, partly because my dad was an alcoholic. NOT Cool back then.

Something in me knew that there was something wrong in that and my heart was sad for them.  My mom wanted me to take up for myself and I just told her they had to be sad to treat people badly.  I still believe this to be true!!!  

I am NOT responsible for how others treat me, but I am 100 percent at all times responsible for how I treat God’s kids. I think about this especially at this time of year. My heart gets heavy for those that may not be feeling love, or those kids who are subject to ridicule and unkindness. But I am most concerned about those that hurt others because that is something we can not run from.

So my Christmas wish is a special prayer and blessing for anyone that is not kind or loving to others. I want to pray that something in their heart turns and they are healed so that they can feel and experience the kind of love you have when you love others.

I think the biggest blessing of my life is the ability to love rather than to be loved.  I had a girl call me the other night and she was so lonely and I can not help but wonder if that loneliness can be cured by giving love rather than seeking it.

There are so many, many opportunities to give love and to share something that you have with someone that is hurting. I know that all of you know this because you do it all the time.

I want to change my world by loving those that are hard to love and perhaps their hearts can be turned around.  My world is sweet and I am thankful that you all are in it. 

Loving you so very very big this precious Christmas season!!!

Karen Happy Ass Smith

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