Winners Don’t Try.

I imagine most of you remember Yoda and his saying, there is no Try there is only Do!!!  It never really meant much to me and I am not one of those trekkies who know all the sayings and even the story line but I do remember that phrase.  I was reading a book about the power to change and the concept of Trying vs Training hit me right between the eyes first, then my heart.   I think we are all living in a time where we need to get in a training vs trying mindset.

I am one of those weirdos that absolutely LOVE a challenge,  a mountain to climb, a time in history where people give up or they GET UP and do what they CAN with what they HAVE with WHERE they are!!!! You also know I love to live my life in shouty CAPS and exclamations!!!  So WE ARE IN SUCH A TIME WHERE TRAINING WILL GET US WHERE WE NEED TO GO AND NOT SO MUCH TRYING!!!!  

I read this in the book and it makes GREAT sense to me. WINNERS DON’T TRY, THEY TRAIN.  ( Warning you will see lots of caps today because I am believing we are in a time of training and I want to take you with me, all of you!!!)


To try  is to attempt to do the right thing by exerting effort in the moment.  
To train is to develop strategic habits that equip you to do the right thing in the moment.

When athletes train for an event, a race or just to have a better life they create deliberate discipline in their lives. They live a life of full intention and they live by their calendar and their schedule and NOT their emotion or the dang economy!!!!!!!!!  They typically seek advice from those that have gone before them and they listen, learn and they do!!!! They seek reasons and not excuses.  Learning from others compresses time and helps us create a life that we want.

I was looking through my old journals from 2010 when I started Beachy Beach with no more than a wing and a prayer. I read through my words that empowered me at that time. None of those things that I wrote were true or evident in the life that I was living but rather in the life that I was believing for and training for!!!  Some are as follows and I pray it will help us all get in the  spirit of TRAINING to live our best and most hopeful lives.

  1.  I have a committed heart, it is not bound by circumstances. A committed heart does not wait for conditions to be exactly right.  Conditions are NEVER exactly right.
  2.  I have a decided heart!!! I decide the life I want and I live it. No excuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I will jump and the net will appear.
  4. I am a person of action.I am energetic and I move quickly.
  5. If I worry about what other people think of me then I have more confidence in their opinion than I do my own. God made me on purpose and for a purpose.
  6. I am moving into a bigger future of MY OWN choosing.
  7. I have a joyful organization, I am great at following through.
  8. Life itself is a privilege but to live life to its fullest well that is a choice. It is my daily choice to live it to its fullest and be grateful for all of it.
  9.  Today I will be a blessing to those that may have tried to stop the plan of that blessing. God’s grace covers everything, especially my business.
  10. Every day I awake I ask and I say, Here am I. Send me. Where and who can I serve?

My Hero Zig Ziglar said that I could have anything in life if I just help enough other people get what they want. I believe that to be true.  If I keep close to my heart the principles and the love that brought me here then I believe with God’s grace I will continue to grow along those lines.  I believe that difficult times can diminish you or distract you or develop you!!!!  I choose to be about being a person who is in training and I want to bring my whole team with me.  

Today as we are in training, I pray that all knowledge, applied knowledge will go from our heads to our hearts to our hands.  Where can we serve and who can we serve with our life of training? 

Loving and believing in us!!!!!

ps. Book that sparked this love not was The Power to Change by Craig Groeschel and the journal from 2010 of Karen Key Smith, creator of the life I desire!!!!

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