Kindness is NOT complicated!!! And its Free!!!

The world seems super complicated in so many ways right now. But you know what is not complicated and is free to boot!! My mom always said to boot so I threw it in for fun and for free.  So Kindness is such an underutilized tool in the area of business and in life. It can be your best strategy to become and to obtain and to have a life worth living with peace and contentment. It is super super simple!!! 

I have been writing these little love notes to my office since 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!  How in the world has it been that long? Each month right before our meeting I pour my heart out on paper. It is usually something that has pricked my heart during the week but sometimes something happens and I know that is THE MESSAGE!!  That is what God would have me share and without thinking too much I just share it. 

I had so many topics swirling around in my head today and could not make a decision on the topic when I saw a pile of clothes which is NOT a rare occurrence in my bedroom that looks like a college dorm with things EVERYWHERE!!!  I see my fave crop top, bought for a mere 10 bucks at Marshalls and it reads, KINDNESS IS FREE!!   Everytime I wear it I get smiles and thumbs up from strangers which reinforces that shirt and the thought. Kindness really is free but its outcome is anything but free it is forever valuable.

I think NOW more than ever, kindness is something we really need to focus on and not just in our regular lives but in our business as well. I think generating kindness with each other and with the world at large will unlock potential and greatness and many other things that we are seeking.  Being kind to others is its own reward and the reward can transcend all the other complicated issues we are struggling with in our lives.  The fact that strangers comment and smile when I wear that shirt is an indication that it can change the climate and the situation and it is so simple, I think we forget it sometimes.

The Ritz Carlton is known for being swanky and I love it for that and enjoy going there for that….. But it is also known for its extreme level of hospitality and kindness. When the leadership speaks to the new teammates they remind them; “Remember we are ladies and gentlemen who are here to serve other ladies and gentlemen.”  My take today and forever more is, “Remember we are kind people here to serve other kind people.”

Kindness is NEVER forgotten. It trumps so many things. It is a life force that will go past barriers of language, lifestyle, situations and confusion. I have also found that being kind allows me to have an energy that is open to new ideas and possibilities and unlocks doors that were once locked and unpassable.  NO one at any time forgets kindness.  

It is my wish, my prayer and my intention that we all remember the value and the need for kindness in the workplace. We as business people have the opportunity to show the world a better way of being.  Kindness is FREE but its outcome is priceless and will change our world!!!!

I am so thankful I work with the sweetest and most kind humans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karen Key Smith

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