Affirmations for a Happy Life

I can not remember when I started using affirmations but I really can not remember NOT doing them!!!  It may have started with reciting uplifting bible verses at age 10.  Going to church was happy for me and I read so many books about people who defied the odds of life and achieved greatness.

I also remember quite well a sweet teacher Joyce Buttermore giving me a book of affirmations when I was going to college with 3 kids and more than a full time job…. so yes they were useful for sure then.

As my my life morphed into the life I imagined I realized that I must write my own and share with others so those affirmations have become a big part of my life and my sharing my life with others. When I speak people started asking for them so I have decided to devote a section of my blog for my affirmations.

So sweet precious ones, affirm away!!! I will be adding my affirmations as I write them and add some that I have shared in the past. Live Big. Live Bold, Find your passion and share it!! And so it is.

Click Here to see my Affirmations for a Happy Life!