Procrasti-traveling-clutter and such!!!

From Mess to Yes!!!!  These delightful girls who love lots of color and organization took their business from books to their very own  Netflix organizing sensation. The Home Edit with Clea Shearer, she is the one that loves champaign while color coding and Joanna Teplin is the petite one with the adorable big heart sweater.  … Continue reading Procrasti-traveling-clutter and such!!!

Purging!! Making beautiful, Empty space!!

This picture just makes me happy!!!! (My daughter Britt and I ) Lord, I need wide open spaces that are not filled up. Space is lovely- open- inviting- ready for peace. Clear, clean spaces make me happy. In the clutter is confusion and unrest. In the open spaces is quiet and contentment. Rushing around looking … Continue reading Purging!! Making beautiful, Empty space!!