My Book Bag

My Book Bag…. .Yeah right, that would imply that you could fit all the books in one bag!!!  To say I love to read is not really letting you know how much I adore my time in books, reading words, phrases, carefully crafted feelings put on paper!!!

When I was a little girl around 10 and growing up in an alcoholic home books became my escape hatch from insanity and uncertainty.  Let me be clear although my father was an alcoholic, and a very loving man his addiction was the tempest tossed in our family. My mother was strong and stable,  but if you have grown up in the unstable atmosphere of addiction, this needs no explaining. I will however really explore what this made of me in future writings.

So back to my book affair…. I would surround myself with great works of fiction, non-fiction, the bible and read people such as Norman Vincent Peale, Zig Ziglar and such.  I loved reading biographies of people who against ALL odds found a way to live the IMPOSSIBLE!! I figured if they did It, I could too.

To this day, I carry at least one book with me EVERYWHERE I go and now with my kindle I can take a hundred at a time.  I take every little piece of time I have to read.

I can not imagine a world without books!  I am never alone. I am never without inspiration. I am never without hope. I am never without adventure.  I LEARN SO MUCH FROM OTHERS WHO HAVE BRAVED A LIFE THAT LOOKED DAUNTING AND I HAVE LEARNED THAT I WANT TO PASS THAT ON.

So please enjoy, as I share my books with you.  Come along and look in my book bags…… yeah right…. In my book bags!!!!


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