Girl, Stop Apologizing

“I wish I could tell you that every part of my life is a long list of not giving a tinker’s damn what anyone else thinks, but that wouldn’t be truthful no matter how much I want to set an example for you now.” ~ Rachel Hollis

Girl stopFor some odd reason that above statement made me chuckle and although it may sound a bit harsh, I know what Rachel Hollis is trying to tell us.  And I am hearing her loud and clear.  She is somewhat of a rebel in that she wants to make it very clear to her readers that she is NOT your cheerleader but rather your COACH. She is telling you not so much what you want to hear to feel great about yourself but rather pushing to you to be more of who God has called you to be.

Much of her book is trying to convince us women, especially moms to drop the mommy guilt and remember that we are not only moms, wives, etc we are actually put here to do whatever is in our heart to do. Whatever that is then follow it and work for it, really work for it.  I am thankful that this example was set for me with my grandmother and my mother.

I am glad that I started and stopped this book because I needed a swift kick in my growing buttocks!!!  After Easter I just for whatever reason lost sight of some things I was shooting for, working for and striving for and I needed to be redirected.  That Easter cake turned into not just a day of bad choices but a week of bad choices so there is no day like today to make a different BETTER choice. Her book is filled with reminders of what I want out of life and the discipline it takes to do that.

Rachel gives practical and specific directions on how she built her empire and she is certainly not apologetic thus setting the example so to speak for us to do the same. I especially like her take on writing her affirmations in present tense and while I do that already, she is much more intense and more intentional. I think I want to re-read that chapter and take some tips from her.

I must admit I read a few not so flattering reviews of her books and one critique picked it apart bit by bit. If you’re avoiding the book due to those criticisms please read for yourself as I found nothing to make me not take notes and take notice of her unbridled and unapologetic success. I say… GIRL, KEEP GOING!!!!

Besides enjoying her no nonsense to the point…. really in your face at times books, I love listening to her podcast that continue the theme of her books. She has interesting and motivating guest that  have made me dig a little deeper.  I have also been reminded of the things I want to do more of and some that I want to stop all together…. No apologies!!!!!

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