Y’all Be Sweet!!!! Y’all means me.

“If your words are soft and sweet, they won’t be as hard to swallow if you have to eat them.” ~unknown

I am usually pretty cool at keeping my cool but today something caught me by surprise and with a mixture of sad and surprise, not the good kind, I may have uttered words that I would like to retract.  Now that is the bad thing about words spoken quickly, you are not able to pull them back, only apologize and when you are wrong promptly admit it. (Thanks, Hugh for that lesson)

It is so important to think, I mean really think before you speak about something or someone that you do not have 100 percent accuracy about and hey even if you do…. just keep it to yourself. I realized as soon as it left my lips, it did not pass my test of kindness. The words I spoke did not elevate, they did not praise, they did not bless, they did not share the love that was in my heart.  

I have also learned that I am so much better off responding rather than reacting to what someone says to me.  When I respond that is usually a well thought out soft and kind response or hey… how about no response, that is cool.  When I react just as a reaction to medicine that is not usually a good thing.

I have, WE HAVE yallbesweet.png built this business on a spirit of love and kindness and the belief that NO MATTER what God is in charge of our blessings and our business. We need not fret, we need not worry, we need not doubt. We only need to be about our mission of sharing that which has been given to us and all else will fall into place. THAT I KNOW TO BE 100 PERCENT TRUE!!!

So my lesson today is that I may have to make a phone call and correct a wrong. It was not a big wrong in the scope of wrongs but for me it did not rest well with me. I did not feel as though my words were the loving words that I would enjoy swallowing so they were best left unsaid.  

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