Bougie, First World Problems

Disclaimer: Promise not to hate on me when I tell you what went through my head while sipping my cold brew coffee!!

Okay, It is the holiday season and you know what that means to many of us. We are working at breakneck speed,  going to some want to parties and some have to parties and lots of stress, if you let it in. Lots of going off your eating plan and exercise plan, if you so allow and all kinds of manner of coloring outside your normal lines.

So back to my bougie confession.  I am sipping my cold brew and thinking with a heavy loaded sigh, the kind you hear from down the road, that my nanny will be off all of Christmas break and so will my housekeeper. In fact, I have had to clean my house now for over a week, heaven forbid. As soon as I thought those bougie thoughts, I caught myself.  I traded my sigh for a big ole belly laugh at myself. Seriously, Karen, I mean seriously.

The very idea that the girl who drove a 500 dollar car and was struggling to find 25 extra to add to make it a hundred to pay my Light bill was concerned with such things is CRAY CRAY!!!!! There was a time when I had to hop in my rat trap car and drive over the bridge to get my lights turned back on and pray to make it there and back.  

So now to think that my issue at the moment was doing without such a precious privilege for a short amount of time….  HONEY HUSH!!!    I am so thankful for the people and the services who work hard so that my business can run and my life can be filled with so many opportunities.  I have such a village of love and service around me and I wanted to take a moment to be thankful, truly grateful for all the EXTRAS and bougie things I have in my life now!!!!!

I hope you have a blessed day and that you can laugh a little at my silly thoughts and hopefully you can catch yourself if you find yourself acting all bougie too!!!  

ps. I love the word bougie, it is fun to say!

pps I am so thankful, so very thankful

ppps. Picture does not really fit this but it makes me happy

2 thoughts on “Bougie, First World Problems

  1. OMGosh!! So funny and so true. Sometimes I have to step back and tell myself, “Dude… if that’s what you have to worry about today, you’re already ahead of 6 billion other people on the planet.”

    Love your notes!!

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