A snapshot in Time.

Just LOVE!!! Breathe in Love and breathe out love.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” ~ Matthew 7:12

One time Hugh and I were discussing someone who had reacted and I mean REACTED in a temperamental fashion and without kindness as their guide. We were tempted to declare that this was not a kind person.  But we caught ourselves very quickly, we realized yes, he was not acting in a loving manner but that one snapshot in time of his behavior was not a preview of his whole life. Hugh pointed out to me that he was thankful that he was not judged by one moment in time when he may have lost his cool.  But rather by his life as a whole, especially his life after recovery.

For me, the best way that I have learned to have peace and joy beyond understanding is to have a generosity of spirit towards my fellow travelers.  I have tried with daily prayer and meditation to treat others as I wish to be treated and not treat them as they have treated me. I have learned that my quest is to see how I can be kind and loving and not how I  can get others to be kind and loving to me. I have ZERO control over how others respond or react but I have 100 percent control over me.

I have conversations with others at times, they feel that this person or that person deserves to be met with anger or disfavor. I always wonder why? Will we ever change a person’s heart by treating them in any way other than loving? I believe that the bible and most other’s faiths are onto something when they teach us to love, forgive and to be gracious to each other.  

I know, I know, we should not accept unacceptable behavior and I am with you full throttle on that. I do not allow anyone to treat me unkind, rather I choose to smile and walk away and say a prayer. I have learned that engaging with an angry person is like petting a burning dog. Not a good idea.  

One more thing while I have your attention. I don’t understand the trend to post something on Facebook, statements that show your disappointment in humans, etc. How about focusing on all the ones that are doing it right. Leave that tiny percentage alone other than to bend a knee and say a prayer for them.  I saw a post this week LAMENTING about the true nature of humans and indicating that their true nature was not a good thing. Of course, people were quick to jump on the blame train. As I was reading…… this was going through my head and my heart.

God made us in his image, and many of us have lived a life to the best of our abilities with the information at our disposal. I think people desire to be good and just and kind and loving. I know that many times they have had things that have taken them to dark places that have hurt them. But as long as I live I will believe that humankind is good, and lovely and kind, and giving and just. And if there are a few of them that are not this way then my attention will be to thank God for my happy heart and pray a blessing of love and compassion for ALL of God’s kids.

Loving people is not always the easiest thing to do but it sure makes for a happy life.

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