A Daring Adventure Or Nothing at All. BB Love note February 2020.

A sweet Reminder from God sent by Hugh!!!

Dear Precious amazing humans,

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all” ~ Helen Keller

Living in a comfort zone is something that I want to want, but the deepest heart of me and the desire to make an impact on my world do not gee-haw with a comfort zone.  I am working on new things and as I do that such as working on my blog, my live affirmations and writing my book, I have to wrestle with feelings of unbelief and questioning. As I am having the committee meetings in my head I have to remind myself that I have gotten where I have gotten by knowing my WHY but not always knowing HOW. But I jump in anyway, with God’s help and grace and the belief in something far bigger than my innate ability. 

I tease my friends and say when I decide in my heart and in my soul to do something I jump off the cliff, and as I am jumping , I yell with great enthusiasm, God Help me.  I have learned that to accomplish the things in life that have meaning and value to me, all I have to do is have a desire  and the how will reveal itself. The problem with thinking you can not move before you have all the answers is that things change so very fast, that the answers of today may not serve you tomorrow. There is always flex, change and growth.  And if we are to accomplish that which God has put us here to do there is more faith in the journey, than belief in ourselves alone.  

I JUST LOVE LOVE LOVE HOW GOD WORKS IN MY LIFE.  As I am having those committee meetings in my head, God gave me a gift, a reminder from the one person that believed there was NOTHING that I could not do. Okay maybe there were two people, my mama and Hugh.  I came home the other day and found this Valentines day note, that follows!!!

Dated 2/14/16

Being on this journey with you is a trip Yaya. I love just watching you cut loose and follow your heart. Day to day it’s a fabulous adventure. A couple of things I’ve learned about you:

  1. You like your jewelry blingy.
  2. You have unbridled ambition.

If it  moves your heart to do something you don’t waste any time wondering “If”. You just jump into the “how”.  I love it. So, I don’t know where we’re going, but I have faith in God and your heart to produce nothing but great results!

I Love you–

G’daddy the Turtle

I hope that you know that you were put here to have a grand adventure and you may not know how,, and you may not know when, but I assure you that to live fully you will have to do a little cliff jumping and praying on the way down. The beauty of living life as a grand adventure is God will send the people and the circumstances to fulfill those dreams. Dream them, reach them, love them but in all of that Believe that when you can not God will send you others to love you till you can. 

With the most enduring love and sense of adventure,


ps. For my non-southern or Alabama friends, I thought I better enlighten you on the word gee-haw. First, it is one of my fave words so here you go:— it’s used in the sense of “synching”, as in seeing eye-to-eye with someone, equine or human. He and I don’t exactly gee-haw. … Old West vernacular when horsemen attempted to get their horses to “gee” and “haw,” go to the right and the left.

pps. In positive terms I sure do gee-haw with all of you!!!!

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