Joyful Expectation

I am missing all of these wonderful humans!!! Oh so very much!!!

I have a Joyful expectation that there is something beautiful in my future

But while I wait I will enjoy this day

with a grateful attitude

a hopeful heart

I will share all that I have, all that I am

I will find the good and the grace in each monent

I will find creative solutions because I focus on abundance and not lack,

hope and not hopelessnes,

I will ask God and sing out loud and strong, Here am I send me!!! And so it is.

Note about this affirmation. I have always cried out to God, use me, send me. Where can I best serve you? That does not mean I need to go somewhere to serve, my location does not have to change. Just the positioning of my heart to be a person who loves without borders and knows in the deepest part of me that if I do that then NO MATTER what the circumstances of the world I will find peace that is beyond our comprehension. God can and will do that for all of us.

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