My authentic path, your authentic plan.

God I know that your plan for me gets disguised in places and in people.

I have found myself by loosing myself and the older I get the more sense it makes.

God I am so thankful that I said no to things that were not your plan for me.

God I am so glad that just because I was good at something that was not enough to keep me there.

Thank you for the courage to stand up and walk away from things that are not authentically me and authentically yours for me.

The more I love, the more I pray and the more I strive for peace and love as my guide I am free and filled with joy.

Sharing God’s love. Holding the hand of a brother or a sister. Teaching others they are wonderful. Showing them the wonder of God, the grace of God. The hope of God.

I am thankful for every path that lead me to you. Lead me to my purpose. Brought me to the light. I am so thankful I did not stop and that you do not stop guiding me.And so it is.

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