Fear is boring and other truths.

Thanks to a sweet friend who dropped an unexpected gift at my door today, thus was born my topic for my blog for my happy asses!!! First off I love surprises, second off I adore quotes and I always wonder what the people were thinking when they wrote it and what was going on. I mostly am thankful that they gifted us with their words that we can pour over and live through forever.  

My quotes are not quite as dignified and my daughter and some of my friends and agents like to catch me and they post them and date them lest we forget. Britt thought my quote, “it has to be 5 star cute” was worth repeating but I doubt that will make it to a box of quotable quotes such as these. Perhaps when I said, “ I get excited about the things I get excited about,” Now I kind of like that one. But my fave and you would have to be there to know why this struck us funny….. “I ain’t learning no damn software!!! “ That quote penned by Lacey as caught being quoted by me is still posted prominently on my  desk.  I think it will be left to one of my kids when I am out of here.

Elizabeth Gilbert is one the writers that I have absorbed and studied every since Eat, Pray Love!!  I can’t imagine anyone that may not have found themselves in that journey in one of the places, eating, praying and loving and sometimes all three.  Somehow this quote got me.  Fear is Boring. 

I have to believe that she was trying to say if we live our lives by fear then we will not do many things, we will not try many things and we will not allow ourselves to even love many things.  Fear keeps us from going places. Fear keeps us from loving folks that are different from us.  I know that in a primal sense fear was put there for our protection but I don’t think it was ever meant to be a barrier to keep us from living a life of adventure, courage and freedom.

Then the next quote that I grabbed was this one and I think it may be part of the formula for not letting fear rule us and keep us from doing what we are put here to do. We learn to be brave in community and learning and growing from others.  I like to  think that is what Misty Copeland was thinking.  Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. I know that the things I fear on my own become infinitely more doable and not quite as daunting if I lean on others or partner with them. We add strength to strength and wisdom to wisdom and I think that pushes out that old nasty fear emotion.  

More than ever before in this most perplexing covid world I know that fear is my enemy and not my friend. And I know that if I take the hand of a friend and extend a hand to a friend that all of us will learn and grow to be more than we could ever imagine. And perhaps you will come up with your own life changing quotes. I sure would love to hear them as I know you can top mine!!!  I am so glad I hung out with all of you!!!  

Love you so much and am so grateful that you love me just as I am goofy quotes and guffaws and all.  There is much truth in our authentically well-lived lives just as we live them and then speak them out.

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