Attraction Not Promotion.

In the rooms and programs of AA they have many useful slogans that work for us earthlings that may not be a part of that 12 step program. Slogans such as , Easy Does It, How important is it? Let it begin with me and attraction not promotion and singleness of purpose come to my mind as how I want to approach my world in the daily, but  especially in this time of division and loud voices. Does the louder voice win? I don’t always think so.

In my role as a leader for my company I decided long ago that it was important that I chose my value systems and decided ahead of time what was part of and not part of my ongoing messaging.  Early on I knew that I wanted to be a voice of compassion, kindness, generosity, inclusiveness and love.  Because I decided ahead of time there was no need to make decisions on a daily basis. The big decisions and guiding lights of my life have already been decided, now I just implement.

Because of my love for and my belief that ALL of God’s kids matter I made the choice that politics and the bantering of such is not a part of my mission on this planet at this time.  I will not at any time comment, entertain or otherwise persuade my fellow earth travelers to vote one way or another. I will however show you with my actions what my heart and life are about.

If my heart is moving in the direction that love pulls me then I am doing my life’s work.  My quietness  about certain topics does not mean that they are of no importance. I know what I am about and whose mission I am about and I do so in ways that seek to bring together and not tear asunder.  I have many passionate friends and I say go for it sister, if that is what God leads you to do.  We each have a calling and it is so wonderful that we all have individual gifts and more beautiful are those precious ones that use those gifts to enhance our lives.

It is my hope that the actions of my life will attract like-minded people who want to have a voice, but more than that voice we have a life to live in service to others. I am so thankful to be an adventurer with so many other peace-loving travelers.

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