That gentle nudge

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God, you have placed so many guide rails for me and sent up warning signals and flairs and sometimes I listen but honestly many  times I don’t!!!

I am so thankful you never stop trying to teach me and to guide me and better yet that you are patient as you do so!!

Please don’t stop sending kind people, gentle nudges, and sometimes a booming voice to point me in the right direction.

You use your spirit, and you use your people to show me the path I should follow and when I go off course you lead me back home.

I am so glad there is not a limit to the times you show me grace,

I am so thankful that as long as I am willing to learn you are willing to teach me.

I think you have decided that as long as it takes and as much love that is needed, you will just keep pouring it on.

Whether it is a gentle nudge or a big loud holler, I am thankful so very thankful for your patience and your grace and your constant and abiding love that keeps me safe in your arms. And so it is.

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