Finding Inspiration

God I can find inspiration in the most unlikely places and in fact I find it most often there,

In the places that are dark and lonely and even in the anger of others and the reflecting of my poor choices,

Lessons learned by doing it wrong seem to stick to me more than when I get it right,

I love how I can even learn from the most unlikely of humans.

God I guess what I am saying is that you are in everything and in everyone and at all times.

I only miss it if I refuse to look honestly at the situation.

God I also really love how you take the darkest moments and shine the brightest light in these times.

It is like you know exactly how much light and when.

Thank you God so much for letting me laugh at myself and poke fun of the times I miss the mark and the realization that since I am alive and healthy I can try again. And so it is.

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