Don’t tip Over!!!! Keeping the right posture for a well-lived peaceful life.

You know how much I love Bob Goff and if you don’t that means you may have not ever woken up with Happy Ass or read my blog.  Bob Goff is one of my fave humans on the planet and one of the biggest reasons, his love for humanity. I want to love like him!!!!  Another reason is that his topics and labels for his writings are a full message in themselves.  

Today’s devotion was titled,  “If our Heads are full and our hearts are empty, we’ll just tip over!!!”  He used the analogy of when we are in a kayak or a canoe we need to have a low posture, a kneeling posture so that we don’t just tip over.  Life is just like that when we see ourselves as high above others we have a defensive posture rather than loving posture.  

I have found in my life that the most valuable stance that I have to be ready for my day NO MATTER what is when I am in a kneeling stance. When I realize that my every day is a gift given to me from a loving creator then I am more apt to look at others in that light as well.  

I think many of us have learned the hard way that standing up in a kayak that was meant for sitting is not  a good idea.  I remember for some crazy reason I stepped into my kayak at the lake and down I went, belly full of lake water, sunglasses flailing and clothes sopping wet, down I went.  I knew better but for a moment I had a lapse in judgement. I know that there are certain things that work better than others and if I go against that it rarely ends well.

When I am willing to admit that I don’t have all the answers and my heart is full then I am ready to have a life with deep and lasting meaning.  I want to live a life that is stable and not ready to tip over and it looks like the best defense is NO defense but rather a kneeling posture of love and acceptance of what is. And so it is.

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