Pumping up My Leadership Muscle!

John Maxwell remains after 30 plus years my all time favorite authority on leadership and growth as a leader. And because I am super cool I listen to his teachings instead of bopping to the music while I work out. I know kind of nerdy, but it pumps me up in my spirit and makes me want to throw down the weights and start leading. When I think I know all that he can teach me I learned something new tonight in between squats and deadlifts!!!

He was speaking on the importance of connecting with people and some of his missteps as well as the lessons he has learned over the years. He was speaking on what we can do if a leader is already gifted!!! We would imagine that would make it far easier but he was stressing that if you are gifted then it is imperative that you DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS!!!!!  We are tempted when we are good or even great at something to be lax and take shortcuts but this is the very wrong thing to do.  

I have seen this and I am sad to say I think I have been guilty in the past. I know that for me to be all that I am put here to be I must work on it and become better in the areas that God has blessed me with. If I am faithful with little then maybe I will get more that I can use to bless along the way.

The thing that stood out to me was not this so much but the idea that if you are not gifted in an area then you can indeed take a shortcut in that area. Now wait a minute!!! What is that you say????  When you are not gifted in something then why are you doing it? This is when you delegate someone else to do it. Why??? Ha Ha, you are not good at it.  No one is going to line up to see us or listen to us when it comes to something that we are not good at or gifted at.  Whew!!!

For me this is the most freeing thought as a person who  loves leadership. It is so freeing to know that I only have to excel and push further in the areas of my giftedness!!! That is such a relief to me and it should be to you as well.  I think we all get caught up and hung up thinking we need to know it all and be it all!!!!

I am so thankful to have mentors via books, podcasts, and personal contacts that make me stretch and grow.  You and I can be better servants of the gifts God has already gifted us with. I encourage you to walk or work out to the leadership and spiritual masters that are just a click away.

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